Our Jewelry.

Our Jewelry is mostly made of Kundan.
Gold is beaten up into strips and
shaped into the desired form to form the base. The glass stones –
emeralds, rubies and sapphires are carefully set into the base to make
what is called Kundan. It does not have a very high content of Gold as
it is mostly about the stones. This type of art is native in Bahawalpur
Pakistan and India which makes it extremely attractive. The jewelry
Will make you look gorgeous and graceful.

Our Jackets.

Well-made and long-lasting Fashionable, Classic and On-Trend Leather Designs.
The texture of Brooklyn Boutique Jackets will make you feel special and unique as
the person who wears it. Great Value, Variety, Smooth, Relaxed and Easygoing.

Our Face Masks.

Fun, Fashion, Safety, Style, and Protection.
The best reusable and washable
masks. Vibrant and Colorful will dress you up and kids can have Fun with
their favorite cartoon character. Reusable Masks are preferred because they
can be washed, and better for the environment, and bit more comfortable than
the disposable. No matter which one you choose, you will be more protected.

Our Scarfs/Shawls/Stoles.

A pure pashmina shawl is big, beautiful, and elegant. Brooklyn Boutique is
proud to offer you pashmina Shawls / Scarf / Stole and Wrap. These are
the classic Pashmina shawls – soft, cozy, and warm while still being
fashionably lightweight. Pashmina wraps are an abundance of comfort and
style. Due to their larger size (Shawl), many people use these as throws!

The Brooklyn Boutique

Best Quality
Multi ways
Super fast

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